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INL Weather Camera Location and Useage Notes

The INL weather camera is located in the middle of the INL, on Lincoln Boulevard between INTEC, TRA, and NRF. The map below gives the location of the camera in the INL. The camera is usually pointed to the northwest at JumpoffPeak. (If you see a guy wire in the image, the camera is pointed at Jumpoff Peak.)

INEEL Weather Camera Location Map

The camera position is under the control of the NOAA ARLFRD duty forecaster, who is located in our office in Idaho Falls, ID. The duty forecaster is on duty from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time every working day of the year. The position and view area of the camera may change as the forecaster uses the pan, zoom, and tilt functions to monitor a particular meteorological phenomenon. Watch closely and perhaps you might observe the camera pointed at the snow depth guage, or at Big Southern Butte to observe the orographically induced cloud cap.

Modified: March 1, 2011
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